Policies and Online/Offline Security and Privacy


  • Client or Customer is the person responsible for paying for the services.
  • Chauffeur is the person driving the vehicle.
  • Gratuity is a chauffeurs tip.
  • Limousine Services of Cape Cod is the company name. Nick Names and Social Media Names: Limo Cape Cod, LimoCC, LimousineCapeCod.
  • No Show is when a reservation is made, the chauffeur arrives but no passengers show up with in 15 minutes of the reserved time or passengers double book.  Even though a client goes with the other company, the client is still charged for the booking with our company.  We require 24 hour cancelation.
  • Passengers are the people that will be riding in the vehicle and are limited to the number of seat belts with in the vehicle.
  • Prices are rates, how much we will charge for services and other fees.
  • Services - we provide Private Car Transportation Services to and from or one way locations.  We also provide wait time when requested.
  • Stay off the road order by that issued by the States of traveling to or from. This is an order that the Chauffeur and passengers must be off the road and can not drive during time of the order.
  • Vehicles, Cadillac ATS Sedan, Chevy Suburban refer to our vehicles.


Prices and Fees:

  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • A Non-Refundable  $100 Deposit is due at the time of Reservations.
  • A Gratuity of 20% is suggested for your Chauffeur.
  • The entire balance is due no later than arrival of the vehicle. Except if paid by a personal check, Bank Check, money order, which must be paid in full 10 days prior to arrival.
  • Please inform us of all stops to be made. This will enable us to plan the routes and plan for parking.
  • Holidays: Add $50.00 for the following holidays: Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day.
  • Holiday Traffic Traveling: Add $50 for the following Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July traffic, Labor Day Weekend.
  • Prices for Airport, Train, Bus, Ferry pick ups: include standard parking fees, tolls and tunnel fees.
  • Prices of Concerts, Night Outs, hourly services: do not include parking fees.
  • Cell Phone: $2 per minute, $3 per minute for international calls
  • Extensive cleaning: $100.00 fee will be charged for cleaning that is above and beyond routine cleaning, including food on the floor and seats. Liquid spillage or vomit: $100 to $200.
  • Returned Check Fee: $35.00.
  • Services provided during heavy rain or snow storms will be accessed an additional rate of $55 per hour for a sedan or $65 per hour for the Suburban.
  • Parking fees vary depending on the venue. 


Online/Offline Security and Privacy, Opting Out:

  • We do not sell, trade or give away any of our customers or potential customers, passengers information to any other source, this information is kept confidential.  We collect information that is required for reservations, such as customer/client name, address, telephone and/or cellphone numbers, pick up and drop off locations, payment information for processing payments.  We may use your name and mailing/emailing information for our own purposes for promotional and holiday reasons.  If we out source a reservation on your behalf, we provide the passengers name, contact info, pick up and drop off information.  When we out source, client Credit Card payments will be processed through our company and will not be disclosed to the out source company unless otherwise specified.
  • We offer the choice to reserve online or by phone. For online reservations we do use a third party sources Braintree ayments and Bookridesonline. 
  • We do offer clients/customers the option to sign up to receive email notices, pomotions or holiday greetings via Constance Contacts.  
  • You have the right to opt out of recieving emails or other promotional methods.


Cancellations/Refunds/No Shows:

  • We ask for any cancellations to be made at least 24 hours prior to the reserved time.
  • The refund will be less the $100 non-refundable deposit. No refunds for cancellations less than 24 hours prior to reserved time.  No refund for cancellations when the passenger(s)/client does not show up with in 15 minutes after the reserved time. No refunds for cancelations at the time of pick up when the passenger(s)/client has reserved also with another company (double booking) at the same time. Clients that reserve with 2 or more companies are still subject to the full cost for the driver and vehicle to arrive to the reserved location, clients who do this tat-tic are fully aware that they are reserving with 2 or more companies for the purpose of going with only one company when the vehicles show up.
  • Services are subject to be canceled or rescheduled during severe weather conditions when the Federal Government and/or State of Massachusetts and/or Rhode Island, (etc) has issued a "stay off the road order" or "Severe Weather Warning".  Reservations cancelled due to a Stay off the Road Order prior to dispatching a vehicle will not be charged, but a reservation that is in route when a Stay off the Road Order has been issued is subjected to being charged.
  • We are not responsible for unforeseen circumstances that we are not in control of. Examples: weather issues, traffic issues, customer delays,  customer refuses to allow appropriate travel time.  Travel time can vary during rush hours, summer weekend travel for Cape Cod, and events.


Rules and Regulations:

  • The maximum number of persons that can be seated is based on the number of seat belts per vehicle.  The GMC Terrain can seat 4 persons, comfortably 3 persons.The maximum number of persons that can be seated in the GMC Acadia is 6 persons, comfortably 5 persons.
  • The Chauffeurs duty is to stay with the vehicle at all times.
  • The Massachusetts Alcohol Laws also apply to Limousines.  No alcoholic beverages will be allowed to be stocked, permitted or opened in the vehicles with passengers under the age of 21 years, regardless if provided by any other passenger/customer/parent.  Violation of the Under Age Drinking Laws will terminate the services immediately, with no refund.
  • Any/All Damages to the Vehicles caused by any of the passengers, will be paid by the customer and passengers, including all legal fees.
  • No Smoking, No throwing of objects/Foods/Drinks. No Reckless/Rowdy Behavior.  No hanging out of the windows.
  • If an out of control or vandalism situation arises, the services will be terminated immediately with no refund.  Please be respectful.
  • Logan Airport only allows us 9 minutes to wait at Terminal C.  All other terminals the 9 minutes allotment can be instituted during peak times at Logan Airports discretion.
  • Logan Airport can prevent drivers at any given time from entering a designated pick up area during peak times or security issues.
  • We are only allowed to pick up passengers at the designated "Limo" Parking/Pick Up areas at Logan Airport: Terminal A is on the Arrival Level, Terminal B is located in the parking garage at terminal B on the Arrival Level, Terminal C is located at the 3rd and 4th curbsides on the Departure Level, Terminal E is located at the front left parking lot on the Arrival Level.  ***  We are not allowed to pick up at other locations per orders of Massport.  ***
  • Our drivers are required by Massport's to obey their Rules and Regulations and Security issues.
  • Our drivers will stay in touch with the passenger or client.
  • Online reservations are subjected to the Laws, Rules and Regulations that govern online reservations and payments including misuse and fraud.


*Any of the above is subject to modification, changes, deletions, additions and is published on this website.



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